Saturday, 21 April 2012

in memoriam of nothing.

it's been half a year since i've bothered to post anything - i don't know if that's a good thing or not. blogging is lame, but this is as good a way as any of promoting releases and letting people down.

musically, i haven't been very 'active' since the latest goreshit release (gnb, unless you count the compilation of half finished shit i release a few months back). infact, i have been very active in other way either. sorry to all the people i said i'd split with; i'm just not in the right place right now.

the sun devoured earth/wounder split was finally released. i'll upload to my wounder bandcamp page at some point, but you can get it free from the sde site ( anyway. i'm disappointed with my side, but fuck it - it's out now. nothing i can do about it.

i am, slowly, but i am, working on a new wounder album, which i'm thinking of calling 'in memoriam of nothing.' - i have no idea when it will be done, but i have a feeling i will finish it some day. you can hear a sample of what i'm working on on the soundcloud page ( - no vocals on it yet, and it's not finished or 'mastered' or any of that shit, but you get the idea. i started this shit 3 months or more ago, so that gives you an idea of how slow this is all going.

i will update the goreshit site with all the new releases and shit at some point. it's pretty out of date. oh well. on the goreshit note, two goreshit live shows next month (may); edinburgh on the 12th, and aberdeen on the 13th. will be the first goreshit live show with me there in person. come down. dance. or don't. details of those here (

enough of this long winded bullshit. gold star to anyone who bothered reading this crap.


Sunday, 14 August 2011

Thursday, 4 August 2011

rave from the grave

few things happening. the Wounder/Sun Devoured Earth split is still in the works, and the Wounder full length is still coming out - be patient with me. same with the hana sumai tape - expect that soon.

as far as goreshit is concerned, there's a whole bunch of shit happening there (yeah, so much for my hiatus, right?). there will be a cd-r release on my lorazepam resonance label, consisting of my latest depressive idm whatever tracks. as well as that, i'm working on a cassette release - a kind of retrospective of early 90s rave. you can hear a sample of that on soundcloud ( there will also, in the near future, be a net release of the happier 'lolicore' shit i've been doing (including the next instalment of goretrance). i'll post all this crap when it's done.

did first goreshit live set the other day for a rave in Prague. should hopefully be playing a few live shows in the nearish future.

that's it. "i'm out".


ps - go watch the return of the living dead series. sure, they get worse as they go along, but it just reminds you how great the first one is.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

i've been sick and tired. very sick, and very tired.

the Wounder album is finished. so far it seems like i have a label for the tape release, and a cd release looks probable. more on that later...

a hana sumai tape is in the works. will be released on lorazepam resonance records with handmade cover art using some of my photography. looks like it'll be two or three tracks running at around 60 minutes; i'll probably produce 30 or so of these in a months time.

also, thank you to everyone who has chosen to pay for the latest goreshit release on bandcamp - you've paid for the production of the hana sumai tape and a couple of weeks food for me. i really appreciate it.


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Wounder EP review

some italians deemed it nessessary to review my EP. you can read it here - - for those of you, like i, who cannot read italian, here is a (very) rough translation;

"First release for Wounder, although That project has just Been born as the only member of a boy who has made ​​Himself Already Known in other fields with other two. Perhaps the name Hana Sumai not tell you anything, But We had Already Dealt With This Inglese reviewing ITS "Steppe", published under the name Goreshit. After the hectic and Most Ambient Electronic / Drone, with Wounder land on beaches only Black Metal, That melancholy and atmospheric, Sometimes Placed next to the current depression.
Single track Consists of sixteen minutes this ep But That does not innovate crabs That Manages to be pleasant with well-chosen time changes and riffs well structured, good compositional skills The Most That Were Already Established in previous projects, this album does confirm and Nothing But Demonstrate That They Are not limited to just one genre. Hypnotic and repetitive parts are skillfully interspersed with other more Stringent (Reaching without too high a speed), very good work on drums That Supports simple But effective rhythmic mood music. I scream, But Still Slightly different from the desperate howling at the Fact That We Have used more "melancholy" of this kind, express well the feel of the music here and there you can hear whispers more or less remote to change the Proposal.
The work is very good and fortunately not damaged by a production style filthy and damp cellar, on the Contrary, the instruments are well defined, and if you love the style and Want to spend a good quarter of an hour That "Shuffle Off This Mortal Coil "could apply to you, it is not worse Than Certainly other filth peddled for depression."

thank you to all the russians who have been uploading the ep everywhere and anywhere.

the full length is very nearly finished. be patient. the split tape with Sun Devoured Earth is also coming along nicely.

on another note, i have finished a goreshit ep, entitled "semantic compositions on death and its meaning", which will be released within the week - the last release before goreshit goes on indefinate hiatus. i'll post when it's up and ready for yer ears.